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Len Norman, Managing Director and Principal of Conquest Consulting Pty Ltd, has invented many
software products used to deliver services through his business. These include skills and performance management of individuals and teams at every level in organisations. Governance and competency audits of top teams such as Boards of Directors, Councillors and Senior Management are a specialty.

UB The Judge is the world’s most advanced online judging tool allowing the world’s best experts to
judge an event without needing to attend. Courses offered are Decision Dynamics, Professionalism
for Profit, Flawless – the Customer Service Simulation Workshop and The Business of Business
which teaches people who need to know more about how business operates and prospers and to avoid failing.

Len is a commentator on customer service and authored the e-book Customer Service – First Principles. He reinforces the importance of delivering excellent customer service and the severe consequences of not.
Len has set up an impressive list of innovative deliverables and has been able to draw on his previous history of 33 years working for IBM in senior management positions.