Cheryl Forbes networking meeting in Sydney

Inner West Referrals evolved out of a commercially run business networking group in 2011. We are a non-profit organisation focussed on delivering an opportunity for like-minded business people to gather, exchange ideas and referrals in a friendly and social atmosphere.

We learn a lot from the skills and experience of each member, we network to better understand each other's businesses, to be better able to offer referrals, and sometimes do business together.

Within the group, a surprising amount of business gets done, delivering a huge ROI on the modest membership fees for most members. The referrals to those outside the group, but known to one of the members, have become a significant source of revenue to a number of members.

We also like the breakfasts and coffee to start the day.

Over time there have evolved a number of mutually supportive industry groups that do a lot of business. There is one that assists homeowners, so we have a real estate agent, home buyer's agent, mortgage broker, architect, and interior designer and decorator who collaborate. There are other ad hoc groupings that collaborate to serve their clients, mixing and matching their particular skills as required.

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